Julie Anderson - Dressage Rider

Blair Ireland was recommended to me to break in my young warmblood gelding, Bloomfield Royal Camiro. I have been waiting 2 ½ years for this moment, to start training to compete in dressage, having previously ridden to the level of Pre St George, keen to do it again.

Camiro spent 5 weeks with Blair, I was able to come and watch at intervals throughout the process. Blair worked him 6 days a week, I went to observe 3 to 4 times a week. He has a very gentle method, I was very impressed with how he handled and treated my horse.

By the time it came time to take Camiro home, I’m not sure who he loved more – me or Blair. I had a couple of rides at Blair’s before I took Camiro home. I couldn’t ask for a softer horse to ride. He understood leg and seat aids, reined back and halted off your seat. I rode him on my arena, down the road, past cars and into the bush, he opened gates, he has never put a foot wrong.

I have and will continue to highly recommend Blair to break in friend’s horses, or to help with any bad behaviour issues.

Julie Anderson
Greendale, Victoria

Emily McVeigh - Equine Learning Experiences Australia

Blair has been helping me bring along some of my newly broken in horses at "Equine Learning Experiences Australia"  and has given me more confidence and a deeper connection.

Blairs insight and knowledge around energy, intention, and working with your horse in a soft and gentle way is just fantastic. I feel very blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to work with such an insightful and educated horseman.

Thanks Blair and Erin for all your support.
I would highly recommended Blair to anyone who is wanting to create a deeper relationship with their horse both on the ground and under saddle.

Emily McVeigh
Equine Learning Experiences Australia

Judy Stewart - Samara Creek Morgan Horse Farm

Samaria Creek Morgan Farm stands a stallion and breeds six foals each year. All horses bred on the farm stay here until aged two, run in a herd and take part in an Equine Therapy teaching program from weaning.

The horses are sold and agisted here with the new owners take part in this training. Now I’m in my sixties I no longer want to start client’s horses under saddle. Having attended Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman clinics both here and U.S.A., I was looking for a trainer with the same philosophy.

I approached Blair after seeing a Facebook album of him with a six year old Morgan I knew. Two other trainers who’d worked with this gelding sent him back to his owner, saying, ‘He was unpredictable and could be dangerous’. In the photos the gelding was being ridden calmly with a soft expression, horse and rider as one. I phoned Blair and asked some questions. Blair praised the gelding, saying ‘He’s doing well and we’re both learning’. I’d found the trainer I was looking for. 

I recommended Blair Ireland Equine Education to clients who’ve bought Samaria Creek bred horses, and will continue to do so. They’re pleased with his training under saddle and regular feedback on their horse’s progress.

Blair is committed to doing his best and keeps the horses’ welfare in mind. He is patient, dedicated and humble. His passion for learning enables him to be open-minded and drives him to seek new 

 I enjoy my ongoing friendship and business relationship with Blair and would not hesitate in recommending him to you. I wish him well in all his endeavours.

Judy Stewart
Samaria Creek Morgan Farm