Starting and Training

Giving your horse the right start under saddle is the most important aspect of his entire riding career. Blair uses gentle methods to introduce your horse to saddle, bridle and rider in a no stress, fear free environment. Owners are encouraged to visit and be involved in the process and are given a number of lessons prior to taking their horse home. Of course, the service does not finish there. Blair is readily contactable at any time to assist with any ongoing advice required, and lessons are available at a discounted rate for our starting and training clients. Most horses spend between 6-8 weeks being started under saddle. However as all horses are individuals in experience, personality and temperament, this can vary depending on horse and rider. Blair uses good, common sense horsemanship approach in all his work and you can read more about his horsemanship influences in his About and FAQ pages.

Lessons and Clinics

Blair specialises in one on one teaching, helping you and your horse work through problems and achieve your goals. Whether you want help to improve your balance or riding position, some assistance with some training or behaviour issues, or you just want to learn how to better get along and communicate with your horse, Blair is happy to help. Blair’s students find him to be a patient and approachable teacher who will help enable you improve your horsemanship and achieve a greater understanding to enhance your relationship with your horse. Lessons can be booked at our property in Mt Wallace or at your own location within the local area. Travel charges may apply. Blair is also available for group clinics, however does prefer to work with the one on one format allowing each student and horse 100% individual and specialised attention. There are a number of arenas available for public hire and use in the public area, so why not get some friends together and arrange some lessons.


Re-education and problem horses

Does your horse have issues with bucking, kicking, rearing or biting. Will he not stand still for you to mount, fidgets when being saddled, pulls back when tied up, impossible to drench or difficult to catch in the paddock? Are you having trouble establishing those correct canter leads or a nice soft feel, or just stuck trying to work something out? One of the things Blair finds most rewarding is working with people and horses to help them overcome their problems and get along better together. Blair can spend time working with both you and your horse, often taking things back to basics to ascertain where the difficulties are arising and coming up with workable solutions so you and your horse can continue on your journey.


Everyone loves young horses and Blair is no exception to that. Whilst foals and yearlings/two year olds can certainly be very cute and cuddly, they are also very impressionable and every interaction we have with them, especially in those early months and years, is a learning experience. This is why it is just so important to get these early lessons right. Blair can assist with teaching your youngster about catching, haltering, lead training, handling (picking up feet, rugging, drenching) or anything else that you would like covered. With 8 fully lined stables and horse safe yards, Blair can also offer a weaning service for those that do not have the space to separate mares and foals, at the same time allowing time for those early handling lessons.

Float loading and transport


Wether teaching a young horse to load for the first time, or overcoming float loading problems, there is nothing more frustrating as an owner than not being able to safely and easily transport your horse as needed. With a modern, fully enclosed and safe float, Blair can teach your horse to load safely and gently and assist in those first trips setting your horse up for happy and successful floating in the future. Blair can also assist with collection and delivery – ask us for rates.

Other services


Additional services also available by prior arrangement, including but not limited to: 

- Sales consultation and suitable horse selection 
- Dentist 
- Farrier 
- Massage/Chiro/Bowen Therapy/EMT 
- Saddle Fit 
- Equissage 
- other services can also be arranged for your horse whilst with us as required